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  • Product name:77 RGB UMBRELLA
    The 77 RGB parabolic umbrella is the newest offering from Lightstar taking lighting for digital photography and motion picture into the 21st century. ①Selective use of color dyes tested to respond to digital CCD sensors ②Upon capture colors appear richer due to the spiked primary color enhancement  ③Allows vivid color photography that doesn't use gels which only shift the color in one color direction ④The light source adapts to everything from patented strobe bulbs to tungsten hmi and flourescent for any shooting situation


    Open:∅30½"(77cm)  Closed:32"(81cm)Lx6" (15cm)W


    5lbs (2.3kg)


    Strobe, Bi-Tube Strobe, HMI, Tungsten

    On Request

    Xenon, Fluorescent, Sodium Vapor, Metal Halide


    1/3, 2/3, 1-stop Diffusion


    Rectangular, Window-Pattern, Cat's Eye, Half, Ring


    30° & 50° Egg Crate

    Focus Tube

    Carbon Fibe

    Focus Range

    Full Flood to Full Spot along optical axis

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