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1. Position: D&R Electronic Engineer

2. Responsibilities &Duties:

1) Responsible for assess technical feasibility , D&R cost, D&R period and design, review in details of development stage;

2) Responsible for proofreading PCB design, complete hardware &software design, structure design, packing design and sample test, help procurement engineer to complete material procurement;

3) Completed the debugging of sample machine, sample manufacture, sample test, low-volume production; according to sample test result, changing design and improving the sample functions.

4) Raising environmental awareness, adhering to regulations, reducing accidents, completely eradicating occupational disease, improving product quality and environment due to company administration and safety management system.

5) Finishing other temporary work assigned by superior.


6) Bachelor degree or above, electronic or automation specialty

7) Above 5 years working experience in D&R control system, practical experience in development of project D&R, familiarity with electronic products, strong theoretical basis, practical experience in development of products software and hardware,  familiarity with products national standard;

8) Good communication skills, hard-working, responsible, good attitude, strong professional quality and technical studies ;


Position : D&R Structural Engineer

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Responsible for new product D&R and design, D&R progress and product quality control;

2. Responsible for management and data collection in progress D&R;

3. Combining the needs of customers and workshop, provided drawing and equipment design according to customers demands or questions in processing application;

4. Providing technical support for customers, suppliers.

5. Finishing other temporary work assigned by superior.


1. College degree or above, above 5 years working experience;

2. Familiarity with operating principle of mechanical components, product technology process and design program; office software, AUTOCAD 2008 and basic network application skills;

3. Good communication skills, strong planning and execution capacities


Position: oversea sales

Responsibilities and duties:

1. Making sales plan according to company’s sales target.

2. According to annual sales plan, making task decomposition and organizing their implementation;

3. Responsible for customer development, customer service, customer complain management and customer returns; establish and perfect customers’ data for building customers’ database.


1. Bachelor degree or above, marketing, electronic and English specialties;

2. Office software and basic network application skills, high level English application skills;

3. Above 3 years’ working experience; 

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