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Lightstar (Beijing) Electronic Company Ltd., founded in April 2001, is an enterprise in broadcasting, film, and TV industry that engages in research, production, and sale of light apparatuses for pre-production setting in film, TV play, and video broadcasting. It is committed to research and development of film and TV lighting apparatuses and to furnishing special lighting systems for pre-production shooting and TV studios. Now it has successfully developed the products, including electronic ballasts from 200w to 24kw; daylight PAR series, single-ended HMI Fresnel series, low color temperature Tungsten series, Airlite from 575w to 9000w, B2PRO-LIGHTSTAR umbrella series, LED adjustable spot light series, LED panels series, LED special series and accessories of film lighting equipment. All the products have achieved CE certification, which passed the EU standard. .                                    

Our mainly business and products in 6 series, including

1.       Lighting system of professional pre-production setting in film and studio application.

2.       Professional interview kit

3.       Special lighting system for advertising pre-production

  -Lighting for plane filming

              -Lighting control system for advertising

4.  Lighting system for auto show and vehicle impact test

1) Auto show series: High color temperature, high index CRI, high illumination, no flicker-free 13

2) Speed of vehicle impact test 2000fpt/per second, output frequency of lighting system

 1000hz, increased and doubled the power in the twinkling of an eye

5. Providing lighting system for high speed shooting and high quality illumination of large venues.—Video broadcasting and high speed shooting of sport venues.

6. Providing lighting design for saving energy construction of film studios.

Successful projects:

a.       Since 2002 Beijing green power laboratory were co-founded by Lightstar and North Industrial University successfully , it is committed to develop the green power system.

b.       2006 Doha Asian Games illumination project--–Lightstar successfully cooperated with Germany PROCON Event Engineering GmbH, created the best scientific and technical lighting effect up to now.

c.       Lightstar cooperated with the global auto show contractors and provided the best exhibition lighting system for dozens of brands, served as Audio, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Bentley.

d.       Lightstar successfully won the bid to become the Olympic Torch illumination supplier of National stadium ( Bird’s Nest) on June 2008.

e.       Lightstar developed the Chinese market in cooperation with American leading enterprise B2PRO, mainly engaged in providing lighting equipment for plane advertisement since 2014, founded Beijing B2PRO-LIGHTSTAR joint venture company , opened the branches in Shanghai and Beijing.

f.        Test Filed of MOC for Highway and Engineering---Providing lighting control system for vehicle safety impact experimental field.

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