Product Customization &Case


According to customer demands we produce 

the products carefully


The product isn’t as simple as it may seem. Every production design, a simple switch placement, color temperature control area and special effects films collation all include Lightstar. Engineers put passion into every Lightstar product, making it more accurate and easy to use.

A small screw ,a simple light bulb, a small aluminum tube-every small part is specially selected by enthusiastic Lightstar staff .

Today, film and television industries develop fast. Demands for film & television lamps, lanterns and other equipments are higher than ever. Primary traditional production models have been far from enough to satisfy the market demand. In order to satisfy market demand, Lightstar push out product customization to create products carefully for the satisfaction of different demands of customers.

We believe that the heart of human precision will not be changed and the human imagination will never dry up. Product customization is accord with development of modern movies and television trend.

Lightstar product customization service introduction: according to customer demand, we will design and produce the most satisfactory products for customers.

We have a superb technology process, we produce products that are easy to use and we supply an impeccable service ,just for you.


Product Customization Case

Custom case

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