The Fifth Lightstar Awards


The ceremony was held on the 11th October  2018  at the Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media college in the large screening hall.The annual award show kicks off with works from the graduating seniors. This year the awards wanted to further expand the scope to stimulate the creative enthusiasm of all students, in addition to the feature film, there were documentary, aerial cinematography as well as film posters all divided into new sections.


 The annual “Lightstar award”, hosted by Photographic Arts and Technology Department of Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media Institute, sponsored by Lightstar (BeiJing) Electronic Corporation.


The film awards was organized by

Mr. Muderian, professor, director, cinematographer and chairman of the Chinese Film and television cinematography Society of the Beijing Film Academy.

Mr. Wang Xiaolie, a celebrated director and D.O.P. Mr. Cai Quanyong, professor of photography from BFA.

Mr. Wang Yan, director of the department of Photography, BFA.

Ms. Zheng Yaling, head of the Department of Literature, Beijing Film Academy, Modern Creative Media college.

Mr. He Kai, chairman of Beijing Leicester Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang Honghai, Beijing Film Academy Modern Creative Media College.

Ms. Qinghanhong Dean of the department Cinematography, who served as judges for our school students.




Best Picture award:

First prize: Sheven hao for  "Summer teen Guide"


Second film prize and best cinematography award: Song "Dumb Girl"


Third prize for film: Li Meng "Returning"


Best Documentary Award: Zhang Likun "My Grandpa and Grandma"


Best Aerial Shooting Award: Zhang Minghao, Wang Wei, Liu Yifeng "The sound of the knife in the Wind bell"


Best Poster Design award: Hantianyang "Summer teen Guide"






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