The fourth "Lightstar Award" was successfully held!


The fourth “Lightstar award” Student Feature Film Photography Exhibition and Award Ceremony of Photographic Arts and Technology Department, was held on the evening of October 12, 2017 in Beijing Film Academy . Dean Wang Honghai of the college attended the award event.


The annual "Lightstar Award" is held by the Department of Cinematography and sponsored by the Lightstar (BeiJing) Electronic Corporation , and the awards are for works created by students in the Cinematography direction. The event was highly valued by the school leadership and warmly welcomed by teachers and students.


There was a speech by the dean of the Department, Qinghaihong. She thanked all friends who had arrived and all the guests who attended the event.

The 6 shortlisted films were: "Last three minutes," "Trash," "The Police," "The Boxer's father," "1404," and "The Secret of the black fish."

The Best Picture award went to: Director Dongxu and Weige as cinematography for the film "The Boxer's father"


Second Prize: Director: Ma Ying and Zhao Wei for cinematography with "The Secret of the Black fish"


Third prize: Director Li Zimao with "The Police"


Best cinematography award: Ma Ying Director and Zhao Wei for cinematography for the film "The Secret of the Black fish"



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