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  • Product name:LUXBEAM P12
    ◆ Lightstar signature appearance design ◆ Simple structure easy to maintain ◆ Sturdy structure anti-collision design and long service life ◆ Meet the request of professional scenes ◆ Quick adjusting the centre of gravity suitable for adjusting the center of gravity when using accessories ◆ Quick dismounting and assembling yoke ◆ Ergonomically designed vertical handle to protect the connector ◆ Stackable for easy storage ◆ Bowens Mount provide a wide range of attachments and accessories for various shooting scenes ◆ Modular lighting frame various combinations spot & flood effect for several lights ◆ Small size lightweight easy for using in narrow spaces ◆ The ballast is easy to store and can be mount on frame ◆ Continuously variable correlated color temperature ◆ Beam angle 10°-45° ◆ High illumination ◆ Fan speed adjustablemeet the needs of different scenes ◆ Support DMX 512 Bluetooth APP control
    Series No.LUXBEAM P12
    DescriptionFull Color LED Spotlite 1200W
    Input100-240VAC 50/60Hz
    Color temperature2700K-10000K
    Dimensions(Without Yoke)351x222x190(mm)
    Ballast Dimensions350x241x93(mm)
    Lamp head weight7.4kg
    Yoke  weight1.5kg
    Ballast weight4.8kg



    Color temperature3200K5600K3200K5600K3200K5600K3200K5600K

    Beam angle 10°

    Beam Diameter0.48m0.48m0.8m0.8m1.1m1.1m1.42m1.42m

    Beam angle 25°

    Beam Diameter1.32m1.32m2.2m2.2m3.1m3.1m4.0m4.0m
    Beam angle 45°Illuminance3377353612161273620649375392
    Beam Diameter2.3m2.3m3.8m3.8m5.4m5.4m6.9m6.9m
    LUXBEAM P12 Auto Fresnel Lens(Zoom In/ Zoom Out 16°-36°)
    Beam angle 16°Illuminance325673501311722126055980643136173890
    Beam Diameter0.84m0.84 m1.3 m1.3m1.96m1.96m2.5m2.5m
    Beam angle 36°
    Beam Diameter1.95 m1.95 m3.2m3.2m4.5m4.5m5.8m5.8m

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