● Lightman electronic ballast is hi-efficiency stable structure easy to fix up low noise.,output frequency ranges 50Hz to 300Hz to meet flicker-free need for hi-speed camera.
① Modularization design, automatic self-fault recognition that makes LIGHTMAN more convenient ② Flicker free,high-speed camera can shoot up to 10.000fps;1000Hz with fine adjustment, created better luminous efficacy ③ Superposition design easy for storage ④ Constant color temperature ⑤ Constant output power ⑥ The maximum output of light fluctuations ≤3% ⑦ Output power ranged from 50% to 100% of rated output power ⑧ The lamp’s working life longer more than 20% ⑨ DMX 512 control ⑩ Compared with magnetic ballast,it has smaller volume and lighter weight
MODEL NO. LMGP-025 Input power 4650VA(max) Input voltage 180-250VAC Input frequency 50/60Hz Input current 26-19A Power factor cos∮≈0.98 Output power 2500W/4000W constant control Matched power Identifying automatically 2500W or 4000W lamphead Dimming 50%-100% Output current Square wave, 50Hz、60Hz、75Hz、300Hz、1000Hz Strike Cold start and hot restrike Lihgt fluctuation ≤3% Dimensions 260Wx360Hx450L(mm) N.W. 19.8kg IP class IP22 Compliance CE
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